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In today's working world, global competition and the sophistication of technologies have made the role of knowledge and human capital. As a result, more and more the life of a business revolves around the people who are part of it, their skills and their ability to contribute to the achievement of business goals.

Knowing how to administer and manage human capital effectively and efficiently actually means, Positively affect the performance of the entire organization, both in terms of stability and productivity. In this context, we are able to provide practical and concrete solutions for optimal human resource management in harmony with the characteristics of the company, its economic performance and in compliance with laws and contracts.

Labor Cost and Budget

Definition and analysis of personnel costs | Evaluation of the appropriateness of labor costs in procurement and contracting | Personnel budget and analysis of possible variations


Employment contracts, non-competition and stability covenants, letters of job change, agency contracts, contracting agreements | Letters of commitment to hire, transfer, job change, change in pay and working hours

Policy and Regulations

Travel policy, car policy and company regulations | Letters of entrustment of benefits to workers | Regulations on the use of information tools (e-mail, internet, smartphones, etc...) | Disciplinary disputes and management of litigation with workers


Personnel management abroad poses Complex issues from both administrative (permits and visas) and tax and contribution perspectives. There are numerous issues that companies must resolve in order to properly handle workers sent abroad. Indeed, in order not to incur serious penalties, it is necessary to know the Italian and foreign standards, but also the practice Italian and international suggests solutions.

We support companies, affected by internationalization processes, in resolving the main issues contractual, administrative, social security, contributory e fiscal related to the international mobility of personnel to or from Italy. We also manage the relations with agencies and institutes for obtaining residence and work permits.

Expatriates and Detachments Abroad

Administrative and payroll management in the context of posting abroad | Preparation of posting agreement and posting letters | Fulfillment of obligations related to the management of expatriates | Representation in Italy of foreign companies | Fulfillment of obligations under Legislative Decree 136/2016


Assessment of the most appropriate entry policies | Assistance in the permit process

Tax and Contribution Consulting

Analysis of contributory scenarios resulting from the mobilization of personnel abroad and/or entry into Italy | Assistance in identifying the tax consequences of working abroad and/or the performance of work in Italy by foreigners and related repercussions in terms of tax residency | Assessment regarding the applicability or otherwise of favorable tax regimes (e.g., Impatriate Regime)


At a time when it is increasingly complex to find and retain qualified human resources, the benefits of corporate welfare can Induce the worker to stay in the company for a long time and to participate actively and wholeheartedly in the company's mission and values. In addition, with tax and social security benefits, both employees and the company itself have real financial savings.

We assist companies that want to implement or improve the welfare plans. We analyze the salary positioning of the company in order to create some Sustainable, personalized and structured compensation policies. We provide assistance in scope welfare to define the employment strategies necessary to ensure generational change.

Corporate Welfare Processes

Regulatory, tax and social security compliance of the welfare plan | Supporting companies in defining welfare projects | Drafting company regulations

Compensation & Benefits Policies

Remuneration analysis and market comparisons | Share plans and tax and contribution reflections | Definition of integrated and homogeneous remuneration policies

Social Security Consultancy

Definition of employment strategies to ensure generational turnover | Analysis, including individual, of the best scenario to access retirement | Evaluation of pathways to reduce the time to access retirement (e.g., degree buyback, computation, reconciliation, etc...)


Having a good knowledge of business dynamics, to know The powers and limits of intervention of organizations and union representatives in setting company policies-as well as knowing how to manage involvement-is of paramount importance in fostering lhe growth and development of business realities, as well as to manage the delicate phases of business crisis, where time is the "key" factor to be considered.

We deal with industrial relations. We represent and assist companies in labor negotiations, support them in the delicate stages of business crisis managing their social shock absorbers and downsizing procedures. We intervene in the litigation management individual and collective of employees and contractors.

Labor Relations

Assistance in handling labor disputes and company collective agreements | Representation in collective bargaining, company and institutional level | Delegation in managing day-to-day relations with union representatives

Enterprise Crisis Management

Collective dismissals and management of social shock absorbers | Management of employment tension and downsizing procedures | Management of ordinary and extraordinary social shock absorbers

Assistance in the Management of Collective and Individual Disputes

Assistance in handling disputes with workers and formalizing out-of-court settlements | Data processing for calculating severance payments for labor relations


The auditing process of work is an important step to be taken to achieve better organizational efficiency through the verification of internal processes e Of the cost structure connected. The activity becomes even more crucial in supporting strategic choices of outsourcing of business functions, transfer of business units, mergers, demergers and acquisitions, check-ups and audits in procurement.

We are in charge of assessing the compliance regulatory, contribution and taxation of the payroll process, certifying its internal processes. We assist companies in the processes of outsourcing and of reorganization business. We conduct labor due diligence in the processes of acquisition, check-up and audit activities related to the procurements and in integrated services.

Labor Audit

Analysis of regulatory, contribution and tax compliance of the payroll process | Certification of internal processes, drafting of summary sheets by institution | Drafting of letters, opinions and notes on issues affecting personnel relations or institutions | Technical advisory assignments, both ex officio and biased, in the context of labor and civil litigation | Pro veritate opinions in the context of administrative appeals and criminal proceedings

Outsourcing and Business Transfers

Management of outsourcing and corporate reorganization processes | Union and individual management of business and branch transfer processes, mergers, demergers and acquisitions

Strategic Audits in the Scope of Corporate Acquisitions and Divestments

Labor due diligence in acquisition processes | Check-ups and audits in procurement and integrated services


In the course of carrying out activities, an enterprise may cross periods of economic and financial crisis. If such crises escalate to such an extent that there is a state of continuing insolvency , concurrent procedures are triggered. The bankruptcy law has been revised over time and has already undergone a major reform which marked the transition to a Conservative view of the company's productive assets and aimed at rescuing companies in crisis.

The cases of Preventive Concordat e Judicial Settlement see us involved as professionals in the area of Labor Law. Appointed by the bankruptcy judge, we assist the Commissioner and the bankruptcy trustee of reference in the Management of workers employed by the companies involved.

Acquisitions and Disposals in the Context of Insolvency Proceedings

Workforce management and support to the Bankruptcy Curator / Judicial Commissioner in bankruptcy proceedings such as judicial liquidation, composition, compulsory liquidation and extraordinary administrations | Verification and control of petitions ex art 93 L.F. | Due diligence and drafting of reports ex art 172 L.F. in the field of labor law

Business Transfer and Disposal in the Context of Insolvency Proceedings

Assistance in the context of debt restructuring processes | Trade union assistance in the management of business crises | Application of special provisions and related procedures (e.g., art 47 co. 4 bis, L. n. 428 /1990 and smi)

Management of the Workforce in the Scope of the Ceased Activity.

Assistance and activation of the collective dismissal procedure | Labor relations at various levels, depending on the size and national scope of the company pouring into bankruptcy proceedings | Drafting of the necessary company documentation with study of the corporate structure and application of the selection criteria




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